Alberto Salini


I was a young chemistry with a dream of making a production of pharmaceutical molecules and active ingredients. Together with a friend the dream became reality. The result: he was good at producing, I was good at selling, and so my first company was born in Varese.

After that, I worked for two multinational pharmaceutical companies dealing with API raw materials. At some point, I decided to strike out on my own and continue .my path of personal and professional growth. Over time there were troubles and obstacles to overcome, but there were always friends as well. So, in 1991, I finally founded Flarer in Lugano. Being in Switzerland means reliability, and it became my milestone to develop my company: both in the Italian and foreign markets, the production quality has always been a priority, a feature on which to create strong and lasting relationships with customers.

Today, my son Stefano is leading the company into a future of new opportunities but with the same values as I did in the past. Seeing this, I understand that the dream of a young chemist has come true.