Davide Longatti

Customer Operations Manager

Born and raised among the rolling hills of Brianza and the beautiful Lake Como, a stone’s throw from the beloved mountains, after finishing high school in science, I fully embrace humanities studies at the State University of Milan.

History, philosophy, and geography serve as corollaries to sustainable tourism planning and passion for travel.

After completing the academic course, after my master’s degree, in 2011, I started my collaboration at one of the most important OTA (online travel agencies) worldwide, covering commercial, operational, and customer service roles.

A radical change opportunity made me rediscover the pleasure of the chemical and scientific world, made captivating by the brio of commercial negotiation.

In 2018, I become part of the Flarer, where I found a young, dynamic, efficient, and competent environment, which allows me to achieve challenging goals and to conclude valuable professional projects.