Diana Pastuhov

Regional Manager SEE

Born in the land of wine and hospitality in central-western Moldova, in Hincesti. Raised in a bilingual Romanian-Russian family, from an early age I began to cultivate my passion for foreign languages. At the age of 12, I have the opportunity to move to Italy, more precisely to Lecco “that branch of Lake Como” as the renowned Italian poet A. Manzoni liked to call it.

In Italy, I undertake a purely linguistic course of study, which allows me to enrich my background with English, Spanish, German, and Italian. My interests lead me to pursue a career as a commercial interpreter in relations between Italian companies and Eastern Europe. In 2020, intrigued by the diplomatic career, I decided to experiment and join the team of the Moldovan consulate in Milan, where I had the opportunity to learn about the political-cultural relations between the two nations. That of the consulate is a valuable experience, but my commercial soul seeks a more challenging context. So, I decided to retrace my steps, continuing my work as a salesperson in a company that deals with internationalization, until I get to know Flarer, which I joined in 2022.

In Flarer I hold the position of Sales and Representative in the Balkan countries, CIS and in Eastern Europe. I work with a very young and ambitious team, which likes to work as a group to achieve a common goal for everyone.