Evgeny Mamistvalov

Regional Manager CIS

I was born and raised in the north part of Moscow and recently moved to Tbilisi, Georgia. After getting my first degree in mathematics I proceeded with my education to go deeper into business processes and thus got a degree in Master of Business Administration.

In parallel I have always combined my studies with career development, and in 2010 I started my journey in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients business. The possibility to communicate with people from all over the world and work on new projects always keep me motivated. So, after years of work for several international companies, in 2023 I have joined Flarer group to get to a new challenging and therefore attractive role of developing the company activities in the CIS countries.

One of the other joys of my job is also necessity to travel and get to visit new places, (I never forget to take new coins from new countries to enlarge my numismatic collection!) Apart from working activities I am into football, never miss an opportunity to play myself and try to catch up with interesting games as a fan.