Raffaella Gruttad’Auria

Accounting Manager

Let me introduce myself, I am Raffaella Gruttad’Auria and I work for Flarer as Head of Accounting and Administration.

I graduated in Economics in 1994 and have worked alongside both professional studies and international companies for almost 30 years. I have attended several advanced courses, both language (English and French), computer (word and excel), and professional (federal accounting course and leadership course).

I supervise, impose, and coordinate the administrative, accounting, and financial services of the company. I ensure the accounting treatment of economic capital and financial transactions and oversee the production of the annual financial statements. I analyze deviations between what has been planned and what has been achieved, identifying determining factors and causes, proposing improvement interventions in company management, and proposing medium/long-term strategies.

Fulfilling my accounting and administrative responsibilities to the best of my ability is of fundamental support to the development of the businesses I manage, and my work is essential to maintaining the financial well-being and integrity of the company. Carrying out my work has the sole purpose of improving decision-making, adjusting choices, company policies, and actions to the actual situation of the company and the needs of ownership. That is why I apply myself in my profession with great passion and growing curiosity.