CPHI Worldwide 2021: challenges and opportunities

CPHI Worldwide 2021: trends and opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry

CPHI Worldwide 2021 is the largest trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, hosting several companies representing all levels of the API and medical devices supply chain. During the Covid-19 emergency, pharma sector, while experiencing a major slowdown in operations and undermining an interdependent network of companies and industries, has weathered the market downturn and is facing a period of major transformation to improve processes.

The pharmaceutical sector during the Covid pandemic

In the crtitical context generated by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical sector experienced a particularly low downturn compared to other market segments, while continuing to show expansive dynamics and positive growth prospects. Over the past five years, an average growth rate of more than 3% has been recorded, and it is estimated that over the 2020-2024 horizon, the pharmaceutical market will grow by close to 5%, reaching almost USD 1.6 trillion in sales12 (Figure 3).

The reason for this resilience is clearly due to the health emergency itself, which has called for greater dynamism in the search for an effective vaccine. Despite this, the industry’s structure has not been immune to the profound changes that the various lockdowns have produced globally, with disruption of logistical supply chains and shortages of drugs and devices.


Trends and challenges for the pharmaceutical supply chain

In recent times the optimisation of processes in the pharmaceutical supply chain is a particular relevant topic, in the context of a strong digital revolution. Covid-19 pandemic emergency has oriented the main players in the pharmaceutical market to implement tools to manage commercial transactions and all the steps of the supply chain,

At this late stage of the recovery of the supply chain, what are the most recurring themes concerning the transformation of the sector?

– an increasing tendency to spend on research and development, an unavoidable element in the process of identifying and defining new pharmacological protocols and treatments;

– the increasing use of new technologies, such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, which can boost research productivity, increase the effectiveness of therapeutic action and optimise all stages of the production chain. Pharmaceutical logistics is also set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%, and is witnessing a profound digital transformation

– a significant investment in the training of professionals able to adopt and maximise the opportunities offered by innovation

– development of sustainability solutions for the pharmaceutical sector: 2021 is the year of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Environmental Sustainability. The United Nations has identified pharmaceutical pollution as an emerging global priority to be addressed, due to the release of pharmaceutical residues into the environment and the continued emission of greenhouse gases in the development of medical devices.

Flarer to attend CPhI Worldwide 2021

The relaunch of events in attendance of the pharmaceutical industry is a crucial opportunity to learn about future market developments and strengthen relationships with buyers and customers.

CPhI Worldwid in this is , the world’s largest pharmaceutical networking event, will host this year the entire industry in Milan from 9 to 11 November 2021. National and international exhibitors from the laboratory, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, equipment and research sectors will be meeting. All players in the supply chain will be represented: API development, machinery and packaging, distribution and outsourcing, packaging and biopharmaceuticals.

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